It's spring and we're itching to start planting stuff. We called our landscape consultant, Gary, at LandSystems Nursery here in Bend, after seeing an post about 11 types of treees you should never plant in your yard

We asked Gary what he thought of the list, and he helped us customize it for Bend, Oregon.

Here's our list of the trees to avoid planting in your yard if you live in Central Oregon.


1) Silver Maple. Gary says this is an aggressive, heavy rooter that can upset your foundation, sidewalks, septic system, etc.

2) Quaking Aspen. Gary said this is a buy-one-get-fifty kind of tree with invasive roots. You'll have dozens of little baby Quaking Aspens before you know it. Not so good for yards.

3) Hybrid Poplars. Another tree with an invasive root system, and Gary says they're brittle and have a short life span.

4) Willow. Willows have three times the amount of leaves as a normal tree, leading Gary to call is a "messy tree." It's basically high maintenance, and has invasive roots to boot. Oh, and we asked him about the sap that gets on your car sometimes when you park under a willow and he said that's the sign of an aphid infestation (willows are apparently very susceptible to aphids).


1)  Ash. The article said these trees are being ravaged by an itty bitty beetle called the emerald ash borer. Gary said the beetle hasn't hit Oregon. It could though, so maybe choose another tree.

2) Leyland Cypress. These evergreen trees are quick growing, but need lots of trimming and care, and may become a fire hazard. Gary said that since Bend has such a short growing season, he'd still recommend them for people who want a fast-growing tree for a privacy screen.

3) Bradford Pear. The blossoms don't smell great, and they're supposedly prone to splitting when mature. Gary said he's never seen one split here in Central Oregon, so if you really want a stinky Bradford Pear tree, go for it.

We also asked Gary about bamboo, since it's becoming more popular and we've heard horror stories about bamboo wreaking havoc with underground pipes. He said there are two types of bamboo that do well in Central Oregon: Nitida and Yellow Groove. They're both clumping bamboo, so their roots don't spread out in search of water, so they won't attack your pipes.

And while we had our expert on the line, we asked him when and how to plant the blueberries we bought at Bi-Mart and he said, "First, you return the blueberries to Bi-Mart, then come out to the nursery, and pick one of the four varieties we have here that have grown from seed, right here in Bend... and then you take 'em home and plant 'em." Hope we still have that receipt, because that sounds like a good plan.

The nursery is out by Costco, and they carry all kinds of seeds and starter plants. If we get out there to buy replacement blueberry bushes, we'll post some pictures.


LandSystems Nursery

21336 E Hwy 20

Bend, OR

(541) 382-7646